Correct bra size

Bra Fitting

Are you wearing the right size bra? If not you are definitely not alone its’ been reported that 80% of UK women wear the incorrect size. An ill fitting bra may affect your posture which can lead to the development of back pain; therefore it is important to ensure your wearing the correct size for maximum support.

How to Measure your Bra Size

For the most accurate measurement it is advisable to go to a store, but for those of you who want to do it at home then you can follow these simple steps.

  • Wear your normal bra, but avoid anything which is too padded.
  • Using a tape measure, measure around your rib cage just below the bust line, then use the chart below to determine your size.


Underband (cm) Bra Size
63-67 30
68-72 32
73-77 34
78-82 36
83-87 38
88-92 40
93-97 42


  • To work out your cup size measure your bust at its fullest part and then use the following table to identify your size.


30 75-77 77-79 79-81 81-83 83-85 85-87 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97
32 80-82 82-84 84-86 86-88 88-90 90-92 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102
34 85-87 87-89 89-91 91-93 93-95 95-97 97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107
36 90-92 92-94 94-96 96-98 98-100 100-102 102-104 104-106 106-108 108-110 110-112
38 95-97 97-99 99-101 101-103 103-105 105-107 107-109 109-111 111-113 113-115 115-117
40 100-102 102-104 104-106 106-108 108-110 110-112 112-114 114-116 116-118 118-120 120-122

Does your bra fit?

Dilemma: the underband is riding up my back.

Solution: lift up your arms to see if the underband is tight enough. It should not slide around or move away from the chest, if this happens then it is too big and you need to go down a back size.

Dilemma: the shoulder straps are digging in.

Solution: 80% of a bras support should be provided by the underband, with only 20% from the straps. If the underband is too large you may compensate by over adjusting the straps to feel supported, which pulls the bra up the back, another tell tale sign that the backsize is too big. Or alternatively it may just be that the straps are too tight and you need to loosen them.

Dilemma: the centre fold is lifting away from the body.

Solution: this is a sign that the cups are too small and the breasts are pushing the centre front away, which in a well fitted bra should lie flat against the body.

Dilemma:  the straps form an upside down V

Solution: the straps should either run parallel to each other or converge in a slight V shape at the back, if this is not the case then the backsize could be too small and as a result the underband is being over stretched, or it could simply be the style of the bra.


Top Tips

  • A new bra should fit perfectly when using the first hooks. Overtime as you wear the bra the underband will stretch and then you can adjust the hooks accordingly.
  • If you’re exercising you should always wear a well fitting sports bra which is suitable for your chosen activity.
  • Always try on bras before purchasing them, as different brands, styles and materials make for a different fit, so don’t assume that you will always be the same size.