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We are very proud at Morningside Chiropractic that over the last ten years, the vast amount of our new patient visits have been the direct result of "word of mouth" referrals. Indeed, in a recent clinic survey*, 96% of our patients would recommend us to their families and friends. To get a better idea of the types of people and conditions that we have successfully helped in the past, please find a selection of our patient feedback below. Additionally, you can go direct to the review sites (listed in the right column) to check many other examples.

"I cannot express too strongly the excellent therapy I have received from Vicky Pittman.  I attended the practice 7 to 8 weeks ago in a great deal of pain with limited mobility, unable to walk very far. Vicky diagnosed that my pelvis was out of alignment.  After receiving outstanding treatment I am now able to lead a very active life, exercise classes, play golf, bowl and hillwalking. In my opinion I have been given my life.  I would highlyrecommend Vicky Pittman at Morningside Chiropractic. Thank you very much."

Margaret B. 26th October 2015


"I started going to see Vicky in the early months of pregnancy. I have had back pain for 20 years owing to a riding accident in my teens - and since then I have seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. I have also tried acupuncture, shiatsu and massage. All of these treatments sporadically helped my back pain but Vicky is the first person who has managed to consistently and completely relieve the pain after each visit. Previous practitioners have advised me to come back week after week whereas Vicky tailors each treatment to the condition of my back at that time and I feel she is really aiming to help me overcome this problem rather than to become dependent on regular chiropractic treatments. Now I have a heavy baby to carry around it is very reassuring to know that no matter how painful my back becomes there is a solution. Besides her practical skills Vicky has a lovely manner that brightens up my day and helps me to relax. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you!"


Rosie H. 8th July 2015

"I first visited Laura when my son was about 4 months old - he wasn't exactly a problematic baby, but he often seemed tense. I’d been to the GP, but nothing seemed to work and I didn't like loading him with medicines. I was at my wit's end when a friend recommended seeing a chiropractor and specifically Laura as she specialises in children.  Almost instantly he was more relaxed. We had about 6 sessions in all and by the end he was like a different baby - friends and family commented on how happy and content he had become. I am in no doubt that the change of temperament was down to the work Laura did with him and would readily recommend to any other parents who just don't seem to be able to get to the crux of an issue with a new baby. I should also add that my son LOVED Laura - she's got a great manner with adults and babies alike and he would smile throughout the whole session!"

Nathalie L. 6th March 2015

"I came to Vicky with lower back pain, which I’d had for about two months, and was getting worse and worse – I felt miserable and uncomfortable (like having labour pains, in fact). I’d also had discomfort between my shoulder blades for several months. After three sessions, there was a vast improvement in my lower back, so I was already impressed. I had another session from Alan while Vicky was on holiday, and then went off for a few days break. What I hadn’t expected was that, for the first time in over 30 years, I didn’t get an ache in my lower back as I wandered around villages and went walking up hills while we were away. I have had Alexander Technique lessons and have done pilates for a number of years, and neither of these brought any improvement to this long standing wandering-about ache. So I am now extremely impressed. And I have told lots of friends and colleagues too! I would have no hesitation in recommending you to them (in fact, I've already done so)."

Elenor C. 3rd October 2014

"Laura's manner with children is excellent, putting them at ease and making the treatment enjoyable.  In fact my middle child actually asks to go back and see her. Thank you for such a high quality of care, with great results!"

Alison H. 8th September 2014

"When I came to Vicky first time I had severe pains in my shoulders, neck and in one arm. After only 2 visits the pain was drastically reduced and I was almost pain free. I give that credit to Vicky’s thorough examination and treatment with chiropractic care as well as with acupuncture. I highly recommend both her and the clinic."

Kendra L. 25th August 2014

"I was recommended to see Vicky at the early stages of pregnancy for lower back problems i had been having over several years. I thought the treatment would only start to have an effect after the birth but Vicky was amazing and it made a huge difference within a month. I am really amazed at the progress and will continue the treatment post birth. Many thanks Vicky!"

Chrisy McG. 21st July 2014

"During my first pregnancy, I developed terrible pain in my back and pelvis (I'd suffered from sciatic-like pain for years from a "twisted" pelvis) and was in so much pain in my third trimester that I had to stop working. When I started to develop some mild pubic symphysis discomfort and twinges in the back of my pelvis early in the second trimester of my second pregnancy, I decided I needed to see a chiropractor who could treat and manage my discomfort. Some time after the birth of my first child, I sought treatment from a chiropractor for my chronic discomfort. While it helped, the treatment did not fully address my problems.

I sought Vicky out during my second pregnancy because she recognised that treating muscle and connective tissue disfunction are as important as treating one's skeletal joints. I visited Vicky throughout my second and third trimesters, and even a couple times after I had my son. Through her spinal and pelvic adjustments and deep tissue work, my pubic symphysis pain never became severe, the discomfort in the back of my pelvis remained minimal for the most part, and I had no back pain - beyond what's normal in the third trimester of pregnancy. As a result, I was able to enjoy the second half of my pregnancy and remain fully mobile. I found Vicky to be very professional, friendly, and respectful of my body and pregnancy. I also felt like she really listened to me and put my care and well being first. I highly recommend Vicky for chiropractic treatment in pregnancy and in the weeks following birth!"

Rebecca G. W. 18th June 2014

Kirsty O. June 2nd 2014

Jonney C. 29th April 2014

"In January 2013, I started to feel lightheaded with tight neck muscles on a daily basis. A family member had suggested going to see a Chiropractor and Google lead me to visit Vicky at Morningside Chiropractor. Initially, my tight muscles were sorted within a couple of weeks but over the last year they have been recurring more frequently with the horrible light headed feelings and tension headaches behind the eyes. The cause of my tight muscles is thought to be a combination of whiplash in October 2012, being a nurse with poor posture and a hobby of rock climbing! Due to the frequency of my muscles becoming tight increasing, Vicky suggested Acupuncture.  I was apprehensive with the idea not because of the needles but the fact they would be in my neck, shoulders and face! I agreed and couldn’t feel better, now we have found a way of maintaining my muscles without the horrible side effects through a combination of acupuncture and chiropractic care. Over the past year I have benefited greatly from the expert care and the relief that I don’t need to suffer on a daily basis. The best bit about Morningside Chiropractic is that from the moment you step through the front door you get a friendly face with a smile, a sense of relaxation, a clear plan of action and good ‘chat’ whilst receiving high quality care!!"

Mairi T. 23rd April 2014


Zoe J. 11th Febuary 2014

Malcolm S. 6th Febuary 2014

"I have now been attending Morningside Chiropractic for over a year and clearly benefitted from the expertise and advice given to me.  It's such a relief to be without pain but you do have to do the exercises you are given to really make progress.  But in the long term, it is worth doing.  You feel fitter, healthier and happier. I would recommend Morningside Chiropractic for chiropractic advice, treatment and care."

Jane A. 30th January 2014

"I attended Morningside Chiropractic in May 2013, having plucked their name from the phone book when I was suffering chronic lower back pain and having great difficulty moving. I had a comprehensive history taken and was given a thorough examination before receiving a detailed explanation and assessment of the problem, in terms I could easily understand and with the aid of a model of the spine and pelvis. Vicky; the chiropractor in question; inspired confidence in her proposed solution to the problem and reassured me that she would be able to remedy the issue. In every subsequent treatment, I received the same high quality of care and advice, always delivered in the same confident and reassuring manner. I felt better with every treatment and within a month went from being virtually immobile to running, playing golf and swimming. On top of this short term solution, I was given longer term advice regarding strengthening my core to prevent a reoccurrence of the injury and was never put under any pressure to make further appointments or continue the treatment. In short, I cannot praise the service provided by Vicky and Morningside Chiropractic highly enough and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone suffering from back pain."

Grant W. 30th July 2013

"My dad plays hockey with Alan and Alan has fixed his sore neck a few times so took me to see him.  Alan helped me fix my neck and found out what was wrong with it.  I always needed to crack my neck during my ballet classes and at other times.  Alan had to reline my pelvis and back up with my neck so it didn’t need to crack.  I am now going to full time boarding school for ballet at Elmhurst which is one of the best ballet schools ever.  Alan has helped me get into Elmhurst and I thank him for it."

Finlay W. (aged 11) 26th June 2013

"Although medication, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy had improved my life since a diagnosis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was still finding that ‘seizing up’ was painful, exhausting, frustrating and embarrassing. I was sure that there was something that I could try before going back to see the consultant. I went online to look for chiropractors and discovered Morningside Chiropractic. I liked what I read and Comiston Road is easy for me to get to by bus or car. So I went in and enquired about an appointment. When I saw Vicky, she was incredibly patient while I filled her in on my slightly complicated medical history. I liked the fact that Vicky didn’t promise instant results but I was reassured that she was prepared to see if she could help. I noticed a difference very quickly and found that although I still ‘seize up’, on the whole it’s less and for a shorter time and less painful. The added bonus is that I’ve been feeling much more positive. We’re now trying to work out a realistic gap between appointments to maintain the improvement. I’ve recently had a setback but have been told that I can always phone to ask if my appointment can be brought forward.

Having taught Primary and Nursery children, I feel that Vicky deserves a GOLD STAR!"

Anne J. 31st May 2013

"I have a relatively risky hobby racing motorcycles and as a by-product support the physio industry through the occasional crash. Following one of these incidents last year I’ve had a continual pain in my right Gluteus Maximus. This has been present 24/7 since then until very recently, day, night, walking, running, cycling even just sitting in front of the TV there has been this constant pain. In addition to this while at circuit training my left calf gave way and the left knee was very painful to the point I could not run so thought it was time to seek help.  In the past I’ve tried another physio that I was using on an ad-hoc basis, acupuncture, one-on-one palates and a palates class but none of this resolved the root cause. So decided to try a chiropractor for the first time. After a quick search online I found Morningside Chiropractors and that Vicky was both a qualified Chiropractor and Sports Therapist.  Following the initial assessment there was no hard sell and even suggested that the work she planned would be the same as any physio so could even go with my usual physio if preferred.  The pain was diagnosed as being an IT Band issue on the left side and the SI joint not moving in the right side causing pain where surrounding muscles were taking the strain. I liked the systematic and methodical approach used and that any queries I had in relation to the work going on were explained in a way I could understand and appreciate.  Four weeks in to the course of treatment and the pain was significantly reduced, this was after putting up with it for almost a year. Now a few weeks have passed since the last session and I can confirm there is no pain from either the IT Band or Glute and I’m getting strength back in to the Glutes.  Wish I’d gone here months earlier rather than putting up with it for so long. Highly recommended, many thanks."

Derek W. 21st March 2013

Nicola I. 1st October 2012

John M. 28th September 2012

"When I first arrived at the clinic I was in considerable pain and unable to stand straight. I thought that I had a collapsed disk and was relived to find out that this was not the case. After one session with Vicky I was able to move around again and I felt such a relief both physically and mentally knowing that I was in good hands. After three visits I was able to stand up straight again as well as being able to get a good nights sleep. My recovery was much faster than I expected as I have learnt from the past that it can take up to six weeks  but with Vicky s help I was mobile again after only a week. With Vicky's professional experience I now know what the route of my back problems are, and with the exercises I have been shown I hope to put my back problems behind me for good. Overall I found the service very professional and friendly and I give it a AAA+"

Des W. 9th August 2012

"For a long time I’d been suffering from tight, aching, painful ankles (and bunions!) after playing football to the extent I’d had to give up playing for a while. Through the years I’d spent a fortune on different physios, treatments and remedies with varying degrees of short term relief. I heard about the clinic by accident but wasn’t sure they’d but able to help with my complaint however after a short conversation with a very helpful receptionist I booked in for an evaluation and a course of treatments. I was impressed with the friendly and helpful staff and the evaluation of my complaint was very thorough and concise in its diagnosis. The treatment started immediately and after a few sessions I felt able to get back to playing the odd game of football, by the time I’d had my last session I was back playing twice a week and all the aching had disappeared. I can’t speak highly enough of the clinic and the knowledgeable staff, I always felt the  extent and duration of the treatment was appropriate to my complaint and I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Brenden S. 27th July 2012

"I was suffering from extreme pain down my left leg and was really struggling with my work as I sit for long periods of time.  I had an appointment to see Alan on the 16th March and after consultation was pleased to be advised that wasnt likely to be a disc problem.   I have since had another 4 appointments and the relief is amazing.  I continue with my exercises and I am so grateful for Alan's help.  I have and will continue to recommend Alan and his team to all I know for their expert help and professional advice." 

Bobbie H.  22nd April 2012

"I contacted Morningside Chiropractic Clinic as I had really bad lower backache and pain down my legs, I also had sore shoulders and I couldn't fully move my neck comfortably and had recurring headaches. After my first visit with Vicky, I walked to my car and I felt 10 pounds lighter and whilst I reversed the car and glanced back I could move my neck in ways I hadn't been able to in many months if not years, I was relieved and a little surprised, I never thought I would feel so much better instantly. I was asked back for further treatment 1-2 times a week and after every treatment session I got more and more impressed of what Vicky was able to help me with and I am happy to say today I am back to normal, if not better than in a long time.  Vicky always finish the treatment session by showing exercises I could do at home, so the treatment never stops, it carries on at home, which in a way is the most important one. I am now watching how I am carrying things, how I sit at work and also do stretch exercises every day. I have also learnt that you don't heal sore aching muscles with heat except with cold and the coldpacks on offer in the reception have been a 'Godsend'"

Sofia B.

"Vicky, I would like to thank you for sorting out my painful back in such a quick professional manner. Following my ankle fracture in October and subsequent 7 weeks in plaster, I needed to use crutches and then sticks. Throughout this time my gait was irregular and put pressure on my spine giving me great discomfort when I stood upright. Unfortunately I tried to cure myself with analgesia and heat instead of seeking help.  As a result when I came to see you I was in a lot of discomfort in my lumbar sacral spine.  Following your examination and questions you were able to identify the problem quickly and although sore after your “hands on” I was able to stand upright more easily. On the second and third visit you massaged my lower back and deeply into my buttocks which was tender but the original pain disappeared. On each visit you gave a series of exercises to do to strengthen my core muscles. The treatment has been very helpful and it is now up to me to keep exercising. I know I can contact you if symptoms recur."

Anne M.

"I arranged a visit having suffered from recurring lower back and hip pain for a number of years. On my initial visit, after assessment, Vicky had in place a full, detailed and informative action plan to help ease my pain and strengthen my core. After only a few visits my hip pain had been resolved and I am now able to sleep at night without interruption. My core strength has improved dramatically, which in turn has helped resolve my lower back issues. Following spinal adjustments and particulary the deep muscle manipulation I am now able to do many tasks that only a short time before were impossible. Exercises tailored to my condition are recommended on each visit, the purpose and expected result of each exercise set is explained. Throughout each stage of my therapy Vicky has been excellent, answering every question I have raised in an informative, friendly and professional manner. Excellent service at a very reasonable cost."

Gary O'C. 1st Feb 2012

"Over the past 3 months I have had a number of problems with my back and neck. After a number of appointments with Alan the improvement in these areas has been fantastic. The service provided is exceptionally professional and you are constantly informed of what is wrong and the processes which will be used to resolve these issues. I am now starting to play competitive sport again without any lower back pain which is a great pleasure. I have already recommended friends to go and get their joint and muscle problems rectified. This is a fantastic find and would recommend it to anyone."

Andrew R. 16th Jan 2012 

"Had a problem with my back due to an old kickboxing injury with running and picking my daughter up not helping it...........I decided to give chiropratic treatment ago after the physio and pain releif was not working (if you have had severe back pain, you will know you will try anything).After a total of six appoitments it feels great again and now I have movement pain free.Cant thank Alan enough."

M McC. 16th Sept 2011

"I have had experience with chiropractors that want you to sign up for an extended course of repeat visits which turns out to be expensive. Alan got to the route of and treated my neck problem very quickly (3 visits). I liked his no fuss approach and he never tried to sell me additional sessions that I didn’t really need."

David McG. 5th Sept 2011


* Survey involved 50 consequtive patients anonymous feedback.