Place2Be is the leading children’s mental health charity working in 257 schools across the UK, reaching a school population of 105,000 children each year between the ages of 4 and 14. Place2Be has also been working in Edinburgh since 2001, and from an initial pilot in two primary schools, they have now extended their reach to ten schools across the city. This means that we reach 2,900 children and young people in Edinburgh – across nine primary schools and one secondary school.

Without support, children facing challenges such as bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown or neglect can easily go off the rails. Place2Be’s counselling services in schools help children to deal with their problems, and develop ways to cope for the future. If not addressed early on, childhood issues can manifest as more serious problems later on in life such as addiction, crime, and unemployment; their early-intervention is key to preventing this downward spiral. More information can be found on their website.

At Morningside

At Morningside Chiropractic, we also strongly believe in trying to help young children maximise their potential, both with our therapeutic interventions here at the clinic and in the greater society in general. So we think we may have come up with a way so we can do a little of both!

From 1st May 20011, Alan and Vicky ceased charging for the treatment of any child under the age of 10 and we just ask that a donation be made to our designated charity instead. The amount of the donation is entirely up to you! We hope that this may lead to a greater access for children to have their spines checked (for any early signs of biomechanical dysfunction) and that the donations will help Place2Be continue with their fantastic work.

**Please note that this arrangement does not relate to the treatment of babies and young children by our dedicated paediatric chiropractor Katie – where usual fees will apply.**

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