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In addition to our regular chiropractic treatments we can also offer a range of complementary services at Morningside , some of which will be included in your regular treatment fee and others with are stand alone treatments.

Please inform us at the time of your booking if you wish to have any of these services as it will determine which Chiropractor we will recommend you seeing.

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Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage

Services included in Chiropractic treatment fee:

Stand alone additional services:

Products for sale at Morningside Chiropractic:

We only recommend products that we think will help you respond better to our care or will help prevent a recurrence.

Products available include:

  • Ice/Heat packs
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Support cushions
  • Dr Graeme hand held massagers
  • Exercise Balls
  • Superfeet Orthotics

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