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Are you pregnant or a recent new parent and suffering with NECK or BACK PAIN? You are not alone in fact between 50-70% of pregnant women experience lumbo-pelvic pain and 7-10% notice back pain after giving birth and unfortunately the risk increases with each subsequent pregnancy.(1)

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Pregnancy Pelvic & Back Pain - Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Pregnancy Pelvic & Back Pain

Are You Looking To Help Relieve The Stresses And Strains On Your Body During Pregnancy And Birth?

Being pregnant is one of the most special times of a woman’s life but it can cause general aches and pains including joint and back pain. This can take some of the joy away from this incredible time but fortunately there are many things you can do about it, including seeking chiropractic care which is a safe and gentle way to promote comfort and minimise back pain during pregnancy.

Are You Tired Of Suffering From Any Of These 7 Problems...

  1. Generally feeling achy and stiff?
  2. Pain into your low back, hips, groin or pubic bone on walking or moving from sitting to standing?
  3. Pain and stiffness into the neck/midback on feeding your baby?
  4. Having difficulty climbing stairs or rolling over in bed?
  5. Struggling to get in and out of the car or stand up while getting dressed?
  6. Pain/weakness on lifting or carrying your baby?
  7. Unusual symptoms into the arms or legs such as tingling or numbness?

Would You Like To Benefit In These 4 Ways?

  1. Reduced pain levels?
  2. Advice on posture?
  3. Improved ability to carry out everyday tasks?
  4. Improved pelvic alignment and biomechanics?

Here's Why Your Pregnancy Is Causing You Pain...

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy. Those changes include the softening of the ligaments, weight increases and changes to posture, as your bump grows you will probably notice your curve in your low back increasing due to the bump pulling your centre of gravity forwards. This can lead to additional pressure on the joints in various parts of the body, including the spine and pelvis. At the same time your body is producing and releasing a cocktail of hormones (predominantly relaxin, oestrogen and progesterone) which cause the body’s ligaments and joint capsules to loosen making them more vulnerable to minor trauma. The combination of these 2 factors can lead to the development of dysfunction and pain as your body tries to adapt and manage these changes.

Will My Pain Disappear After My  Baby Is Born?

The arrival of a new born baby is a very exciting time but everyone is very different, there is no specific path that your body will follow. It is also a time when you as parents and caregivers usually have less time for self care. Your chiropractor will be able to give you personal advice on lifestyle, feeding and exercise alongside manual therapy to help reduce the stresses placed on your body.  Core stability will often have been reduced over the course of the pregnancy as a result of the undue pressures and strains described above.  On top of all of this bad habits tend to develop, such as carrying the baby on one side and hiking the hip or poor feeding posture which can lead to issues elsewhere, such as neck or mid back pain overtime.

Vicky Pittman MChiro DC at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Vicky Pittman MChiro DC

Why You Should Trust Vicky & Katie With Your Body And Baby

Vicky Pittman is fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and is a member of the Scottish Chiropractic Association (SCA). She is trained in a variety of techniques to help you deal with the stresses of pregnancy and has developed a special interest in this area. As such, Vicky has great experience in succesfully dealing with these types of conditions, and the frustrations and anxieties that can go hand in hand.

When you first arrive at the clinic, Vicky will carry out a full and thorough assessment to determine the root cause of your problems, and tell you what she can do to help. If your complaint is thought to respond favourably to chiropractic care she will utilise gentle procedures to reduce the stresses on your joints and surrounding tissues. This may involve a combination of the following manual therapies: manipulation or mobilisation, Webster and Logan basic techniques, deep tissue massage, acupuncture and fascial release techniques. You will also receive a bespoke rehabilitation programme as well as ergonomic, postural, lifestyle and lifting advice. 

Katie completed a five years masters degree at AECC in 2011 and practiced in England until her move to Edinburgh.

Katie is fully registered with the GCC, and has a special interest in neurology, paediatrics and pregnancy.

Katie has completed a wide range of postgraduate studies including paediatric and pregnancy care, functional muscle testing and lifestyle aspects of health. In 2015 Katie completed a postgraduate degree in functional neurology and in 2017 completed further functional neurology studies specifically aimed at childhood developmental delays.

Her passion and goal is to help you to achieve and maintain your health and well-being goals through Chiropractic treatment and the education of optimum lifestyle. “I have since an early age had an interest in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally. My passion for Chiropractic was enhanced further when I visited a Chiropractor at the age of 17. Since then, Chiropractic and its philosophy continue to improve my overall health and well-being”. Katie is a member of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA)

Having recently relocated to Edinburgh with her husband and son to be closer to family, Katie is looking forward to enjoying all that Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside has to offer; come rain or shine.

Katie Champion MChiro DC at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Katie Champion MChiro DC

Here's What Other Expectant Mothers Are Saying...

“I was able to enjoy the second half of my pregnancy and remain fully mobile. I highly recommend Vicky for treatment in Pregnancy and in the weeks following birth!”

Rebecca G. W.

“I thought the treatment would only start to have an effect after the birth but Vicky was amazing and it made a huge difference within a month”

Chrisy McG.

“Over the past month Katie has been amazing, she is very welcoming and professional. She has helped my pain immensely and I am no longer facing the same amount of pain that I was.”

Amanda V.P.

“Went to see Katie after having some pelvic pain in my second trimester.Within a couple of days of the first appointment I had noticed a big improvement and following my second session was no longer having any serious pain.Could not recommend highly enough and very grateful that it’s allowed me to remain active!”

Jill M

Here's Just Some Of The Benefits Of Being Treating At The Morningside Chiropractic

Trusted Family Friendly Clinic – Morningside Chiropractic has established links with local pregnancy and post natal groups and professionals which should help you to generate a solid network of support during this exciting time. We are a family friendly clinic and you are more than welcome to bring any children in with you as we are fully aware that getting child care can be difficult. We have plenty of colouring in books or cartoons to keep them amused, so you can fully focus your attention on the care you are receiving.

Specialist Pregnancy Bench – we have a special treatment bench which allows you to lie on your stomach – for some of you it will have been a while since you have been able to do that, and many mums to be comment on the comfort and novelty of it!

Stress free Baby Care – Your chiropractor will make no contact with your baby at all, and thus your unborn child will remain unaffected by this mode of treatment.

Award Winning Clinic – In January 2014 we won a prestigious award (one of only 8 clinics in Scotland) for demonstrating excellent patient management in all areas of patient care, starting from the moment you first make contact with the clinic. So you can be assured we have your health and happiness at the top of our priorities list.

Friendly Efficient Reception Staff – Our reception is always staffed during opening hours so any enquiries you may have can be answered promptly whether it be via phone call or email.  Out with these hours someone will be available to answer your phone calls.

Park At The Front Door – You don’t have to worry about walking far if you are in a lot of pain. There is metered parking directly outside the clinic between the hours of 9.30am and 4pm. There is also free parking available on neighbouring side streets and we are conveniently located close to many bus routes (5,11,15,16,23).

Ongoing Education – Your care and education does not begin and end in the clinic. Exercise and information sheets will be provided for you, not only on what to do while you are pregnant but also important milestones to look for in your baby’s development. We also have a Blog section which is regularly updated with pregnancy and other related lifestyle topics.

Free Baby Check – We offer a free baby check, by our clinic’s paediatric chiropractor Katie, to those children whose parents are currently receiving care at the clinic.

Treatment Guarantee!

We guarantee if you are not suitable for chiropractic treatment we will not charge you and look to refer you to another specialist that may be able to offer you more appropriate treatment.

Start To Enjoy Your Pregnancy And Improve Your Pelvic Position.

Call Vicky on 0131 4473794 To Arrange a FREE Consultation Today.


  1. Robinson et al. Pelvic girdle pain – associations between risk factors in early pregnancy and disability or pain intensity in late pregnancy: a prospective cohort study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2010. 11:91

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