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Increasingly, we are getting more and more requests from parents to have a look at their younger infants and babies. Whilst the majority of these enquiries are as a result of word of mouth, a parent who is suffering from sleep deprivation and worried about their child is often open to new types of care after they have tried everything else.

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Katie Champion MChiro DC at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Katie Champion MChiro DC

Why Choose Katie For Your Baby Or Young Child?

Katie Champion is our dedicated paediatric chiropractor at the clinic. She loves working with babies and children, especially as they tend to respond to treatment so fast and favourably, and is passionate about giving them the best start in life. Katie completed a postgraduate degree in functional neurology and completed further studies specifically aimed at childhood developmental delays. She regularly attends post graduate paediatric seminars and this has allowed Katie to develop a very strong understanding and a high clinical standard in the treatment of babies and infants.

What To Expect When You First See Katie

Upon being warmly greeted by our reception team, you will be asked to complete an assessment form where we can gather some essential information about your child. You will then be brought into the treatment room and Katie will ask a few more questions to gain as much information as necessary to diagnose what might be wrong. Katie will then spend a few moments with your baby until your baby feels comfortable, before she carries out the necessary examination to identify any problem. If she needs to ask any further questions, this will generally be done after the exam as she finds the baby responds better when total touch and attention is focused on them. We do our best to make your baby to feel at ease during the examination and treatment and we have a special baby pillow that supports and moulds around your baby during this process.

How Is A Baby's Treatment Different To An Adult?

The methods used to adjust a baby or small child are clearly going to be very different from those of an adult. Katie has great experience in using gentle, safe and effective techniques appropriate for every stage of their development. These may include gentle spinal, cranial and visceral paediatric techniques and Katie will explain the treatment process to you and talk through your child’s treatment plan. We receive great feedback from parents who relax in the knowledge that their child’s spine and cranial bones are in good hands. Be prepared for your child needing more than one treatment. Usually a baby’s issue, unless a more serious case, can be treated within 4-5 sessions.

Here's Just Some Of The Many Benefits And Advantages We Have For You At Morningside Chiropractic...

Maximum Baby Comfort – using highly specialist diagnostic tools and a supportive baby pillow you can be rest assured your baby is enjoying the greatest level of comport.

Trusted Family Friendly Clinic – Morningside Chiropractic has established links with local Edinburgh post natal groups and paediatric professionals which should help you to generate a solid network of support during this exciting time. We are a family friendly clinic and you are more than welcome to bring any other children in with you as we are fully aware that getting child care can be difficult. We have plenty of colouring in books or cartoons to keep them amused, so you can fully focus your attention on your baby’s care . Breast or bottle feeding is also possible during treatment.

Park At The Front Door – You don’t have to worry about carry your child a long distance from your car. There is metered parking directly outside the clinic between the hours of 9.30am and 4pm. Alternatively, there is also free parking available on neighbouring side streets.

Baby Changing Facilities – Our onsite changing table will help give you peace of mind in case of any ‘accidents’ while you are at our clinic.

Friendly Efficient Reception Staff – Our reception is always staffed during opening hours so any enquiries you may have can be answered promptly whether it be via phone call or email.  Out with these hours someone will be available to answer your phone calls.

Award Winning Clinic – In January 2014 we first won a prestigious award (one of only 8 clinics in Scotland) for demonstrating excellent patient management in all areas of patient care, starting from the moment you first make contact with the clinic. So you can be assured we have your health and happiness at the top of our priorities list.

Ongoing Education – Your education and your baby’s care does not begin and end in the clinic. You will receive detailed information and handouts on important topics relating to your baby’s health and development. We also have a Blog section which is regularly updated with helpful information.

Parental Care – We can offer advice about how to lift and carry. For new mums we can also carry out a free assessment for any structural changes that may have occurred during the pregnancy or after labour.

Our Treatment Promise!

We guarantee if your baby is not suitable for chiropractic treatment you will not be charged and we will look to refer them to another specialist that may be able to offer you more appropriate treatment.

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