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What is Sports and Remedial Massage? Both Remedial and Sports massage involve the skilled application of a multitude of manual soft tissue techniques to help reduce pain, restore function and improve physical performance.

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Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage

Is it only suitable for the sports person?

The benefits of sports massage are not only limited to the athlete, indeed soft tissue tension, stress and fatigue can affect us all, whether we are active or sedentary. Some common causes of the above include poor posture, a demanding job both physically and/or mentally, repetitive activities such as gardening and everyday activities including sitting at a desk or driving for extended periods of time. Therefore many people often achieve symptomatic relief from a good Sports massage.

The Main Aims of Sports & Remedial Massage

  • Ease muscle tension and therefore resultant aches and pains
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve power, strength and endurance of the muscles in and around the injured area
  • Prevent injury by ensuring correct movement biomechanics
  • Enhance sporting performance by increasing the efficiency of the soft tissues
  • Improve mobility and flexibility of joints

Other benefits include reducing soft tissue inflammation due to an increase in lymphatic drainage and thus removal of waste products, a reduced heart rate and improved circulation within the venous system back to the heart because of mechanical assistance.

What happens during a massage treatment?

On the initial visit our massage therapist, Jonathan Martin, will take a medical history to ascertain relevant information about your present and past health status, he will also ask about your everyday activities and any specific sports you partake in and any injuries you may have incurred. This will be followed by a thorough physical examination to determine your specific requirements. After this you will receive your personalised treatment. This will be largely ‘hands on’ using a combination of massage techniques to release soft tissue (muscles, fascia and tendons) and in turn restore your bodies mobility and gain symptomatic relief.

Each subsequent treatment will involve a quick reassessment and will be unique to you, your fitness levels and your specific personal goals. Massage treatments will be carried out in our dedicated therapy room at our Edinburgh clinic.

Massage Prices

Initial Consultation & Treatment: £50 (45 mins)

Subsequent treatments: £37 (30 mins) 1-2 specific areas

Subsequent treatments: £45 (45 mins) 2-3 specific areas

Subsequent treatments: £50 (60 mins) Full Body

Jonathan Martin - Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage at Morningside Chiropractic Edinburgh
Jonathan Martin

Why You Should Choose Jonathan For Your Sports Massage?

Jonathan Martin has a Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage and is a member of Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO). He is used to working with a wide range of clients from office and manual workers to professional athletes. Apart from working at Morningside Chiropractic, Jonathan is currently contracted to provide sports massage to the Edinburgh and Scottish rugby teams – so rest assured, you are in very good hands!

“Sports massage helps me recover after games and hard training sessions to ensure I can perform at my best the following week. It also helps me manage any acute injuries…Jonathan is one of the best sports masseurs I’ve come across. I always walk out in better shape than I walked in.”

Grant Gilchrist (Scotland & Edinburgh Rugby)

Lukasz is very experienced and qualified therapist, with a HNC and HND in Sports Therapy (Edinburgh College) followed by a Degree in Physical Activity and Health (Napier University) . He has also completed his PT (level 3) training as well as lots of other post graduate courses in different soft tissue, pain management and rehabilitative techniques. (Including IASTM, Dry Needling, Cupping just to mention a few).

Lukasz has been heavily involved in Sport his whole life, participating in Judo for 11 years followed by weightlifting ,and then competitive Strong Man. Along the way he has personally experienced the difference that Sports Massage can make, both in speeding up recovery after injury as well as enhancing movement and performance.

Lukasz Biernat
Lukasz Biernat

Here's Just Some Of The Benefits Of Being Treating At The Morningside Chiropractic

Award Winning Clinic – In January 2014 we won a prestigious award (one of only 8 clinics in Scotland) for demonstrating excellent patient management in all areas of patient care, starting from the moment you first make contact with the clinic. So you can be assured we have your health and happiness at the top of our priorities list.

Friendly Efficient Reception Staff – Our reception is always staffed during opening hours so any enquiries you may have can be answered promptly whether it be via phone call or email. Out with these hours someone will be available to answer your phone calls.

Park At The Front Door – You don’t have to worry about walking far if you are in a lot of pain. There is metered parking directly outside the clinic between the hours of 9.30am and 4pm. There is also free parking available on neighbouring side streets and we are conveniently located close to many bus routes (5,11,15,16,23).

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