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We fully appreciate that many people are not exactly sure what Chiropractic is about or whether it might be appropriate for them. That is why we provide a no-charge video consultation service where you can find out a bit more about us and we can establish whether chiropractic care may likely be of benefit to you. There are absolutely no strings or obligations attached, and we can usually give you an indication straight away whether we can help or if you should see another health professional. If you would like to arrange such a consultation, please either fill in your details below or call us on 0131 4473 794.

No-Charge Face to Face Consultations at Clinic Now Available!
From the 13th July 2020, we are now able to offer our normal 15 minute no-charge consultation service. This will be similar to the video consultation service but we will obviously be able to perform some additional tests and palpate the areas of concern.

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